Marx’s Predictions Come True, Part 4

Laitman_049_02Judging by the state of the world, we can conclude by all indications that the old era has ended. As Baal HaSulam predicted, from 1995 onward, the wisdom of Kabbalah started becoming revealed in the world. Humanity thus began understanding the process it is involved in.

The evil force of egoism had been continuously and increasingly developing in humanity, through all social formations: slavery, feudalism, capitalism and socialism. Egoism was a developmental engine. It progressed us. Today, however, it has completed its work because it has reached its maximal realization. The successful ones arose, like cream, and the rest remained at the bottom, like skim milk.

Capitalism stopped working not only for those who remained at the bottom, but even for the elite. The US government debt reached epic proportions and society became divided. It is impossible to continue this way. An incredible amount of people are in distress. The problem, however, is that the egoism of the wealthy elite won’t let them properly share their wealth with the needy.

Corporations still manage to pump out profits, but only through deception. There is nothing behind this apparent wealth; it is not covered by a gold equivalent. It is all a financial bubble that will burst the same way it did in 2008. Its explosion will be even more destructive than war.

The only solution is to make a shift to the new era’s industry. There is total abundance in the world. Our planet can feed us all. Modern technology makes it cost next to nothing. The only problem is how to attract the positive force that is missing in the world.

Egoism completed its work by bringing us to the peak of its capacity. Some thousandth part is at the top, and the rest are at the bottom. The elite can continue in this manner for a few more years with the help of various tricks, but it will be very dangerous because more and more unemployed will accumulate at the bottom without any hope of climbing the social ladder.

If egoism has exhausted itself, then we have nothing left but to continue in a different way. If we start to strengthen our connection, we will generate a positive force within it that will balance out the negative force. We won’t destroy egoism, but it will start working at a higher level.

The egoistic desire doesn’t have room to develop further and this is the reason for the crisis. We have fully exhausted its earthly use in this world. So how can we work with it further? Only by attracting the positive force can we allow egoism to grow further. The competition will continue, but it will be based on a different method.

The more we connect with each other, the more our desire to enjoy grows. It becomes integral. That is, it acts on a completely different level of connection, becoming many times bigger. This is the method of further development based on the desire to enjoy that grows indefinitely in its spiritual form. Compared to what it is capable of, our current egoism is like a tiny bug.

Today, our use of our egoism is very limited, primitive and stupid: to steal a little over here and to snatch a little from over there. Also, the ego explodes and pushes us to further develop. However, we need to supply it with fuel and energy, which is the positive force of bestowal.

It will then spread to the whole world, and the whole world will be yours since you will feel it as yourself. Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah is called “the wisdom of reception”: the art of using creation in its entirety, everything created by the desire to enjoy.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Current Situation In The World” 12/2/16

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