Marx’s Predictions Come True, Part 3

Laitman_028_02Question: Do you think that the world’s powerful people are able to listen to your warnings?

Answer: The beauty of the present period is that the powerful people are losing their ability to control. They built a system for themselves, believing that it would function for centuries.

It is a system that allows the world to be controlled with money and other artificial incentives. However, since everything in this system is evaluated by money, it ends very quickly. Over the last 30 to 40 years, we have understood that neoliberalism is bankrupt and cannot continue.

It was turned into a game by printing money with nothing to cover it. This bubble would have burst a long time ago if the entire world weren’t involved in this game. The developed countries were assisting the struggling ones, so the system lasted a little longer, but it doesn’t work anymore according to the laws of our egoistic nature.

The world can only develop either according to an egoistic or altruistic nature. These are the only two forces existing in our world. Today, we see that development through the egoistic nature has ended. Karl Marx wrote about the end of capitalism, seeing this perspective even back then.

The elite managed to stretch this agony over many years, assisted by the two World Wars, which greatly slowed the process of dying capitalism. Over the past 50 years, they have managed to survive due to the fake game with dollars, industry and international trade.

America and Europe destroyed their industry and came to terrible unemployment because of this game. Real unemployment in the US is about 30%, and it is even higher in some European countries.

It is impossible to continue moving in this direction. It is not by accident that Trump won the US election. People who more or less see current events understand that this path has reached a dead end. This bluff, built on deception in the economy, trade, and banking system, this entire bubble, must burst.

The great number of unemployed is a serious problem for every country, and we need to find a solution. Apart from supplying them with food, clothing, and shelter, we need to give them fulfillment. Otherwise, they will turn into wild animals.

There is a dialectic of the natural development of human society that cannot be stopped. Not even the most powerful ruler can freeze society at the level of a feudal system for centuries.

There comes a time when people rise up and overthrow all kings and vassals. Today’s elite doesn’t see the seriousness of the problem, like Marie Antoinette who advised the hungry people to eat cake if there is no bread. Eventually, it can end in a big explosion.

Of course, the elite today are more intelligent and cunning than previous monarchs. They influence society through mass media, which they control, and they nourish society with drugs.

Yet, this still will not help. It just slows down people’s waking up to this critical situation. The overall process cannot be reversed.

Our egoism has finished its development. Capitalism is a system that is built entirely on the use of egoism in all of its forms. Therefore, the elite gain control over the media, government, and courts, and use it all only for their own interests in order to exploit everyone. But there is a limit to this, and we’ve reached it.

As a result, the elite break away from the people, leaving them almost nothing, and the people turn into a powerful force from below that has “nothing to lose but their chains,” as Marx wrote. Those are the people that he called the “proletariat.”

However, I doubt that the American people will go to the streets to organize a bloody revolution. Most likely, they will act by pressuring the government, and through elections. There are, of course, the possibility of small riots, but it will not come to civil war as happened once in France and Russia.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Current Situation In The World” 12/2/16

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