“Islamic State Flag To Fly Free In Sweden”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the news (Fox News): “A Swedish prosecutor may have set a dangerous precedent last week in regards to the Islamic State flag.

“Prosecutor Gisela Sjovall announced last week that a 23-year-old man wouldn’t be charged after posting the flag to his Facebook page in June, according to The Local. Authorities in Laholm had investigated the man, who came to Sweden from Syria, on suspicion of committing ‘hate speech.’

“In comparison to the Nazi symbol which has come to be a symbol for prejudice against Jewish people, the same couldn’t be said for the Islamic State flag, Sjovall added.”

Question: Why is this happening even though this decision is incompatible with common sense?

Answer: This trend is completely compatible with the program of creation according to which the Muslims have to conquer Europe, subjugate it, paint it green with the color of Islam, and then together with the Europeans conquer Jerusalem.

Question: Does the Swedish prosecutor who made this decision understand this?

Answer: Definitely not, but that is what is “recorded” in the program of creation and it implements this. The Upper Light operates and influences a person and the person supposedly makes decisions and thereby expresses the view of the Upper Light. We are all in a matrix of thoughts and desires and act accordingly. There is no reason to complain about the Swedish prosecutor who is like a biological machine expressing the general current of all the forces that are operating in our world.

Question: Does this confirm once again that Islam is an extremist entity?

Answer: If Islam were not extremist in nature, they would not be coming to conquer Europe. We are indeed seeing that the Muslims have a very precise intention, coming and taking. They have many different justifications. They claim that the Europeans enslaved and oppressed them for five or ten generations. So now they can take everything for themselves. From their point of view, everything is theirs. Understandably, all Islamic currents will be extremist in nature because only Islam can oppose everyone and enslave them. Nobody believed that a revolution like this would happen, that they would arrive in Europe to conquer it, and the conquest is already close.

This entire process is happening solely and only to obligate the people of Israel to unite and in that way provide an example to the world. If the Jews will want to unite voluntarily and show the world how to do this, the world will immediately accept this example and follow it because through this unity they will draw spiritual power. Therefore, everything depends only on the Jews. It is impossible for this to change. The only question is how we will be compelled to do this, through a little suffering or much suffering.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/19/16

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