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Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (France24): French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve held a day of talks on Islam’s place in France Monday in an effort to better integrate the religion with the ‘values of the Republic’, in the wake of a dispute over the burkini full-body swimsuit.

“Cazeneuve told the La Croix newspaper ahead of Monday’s meeting that he wants to create a foundation to help promote ‘an Islam of France’ that respects French secular values.

“The foundation would finance education and cultural projects and non-religious training of imams, such as history of religion classes, he said.”

(Financial Times): “Compromise has never been Jean-Pierre Chevènement’s forte: over four decades in French politics he resigned from three different ministerial jobs after disagreeing with the government’s line. Still, president François Hollande has entrusted the 77-year-old politician with a highly delicate mission: to quell France’s unsettling row over Islam, the country’s second-largest religion.

“Mr Chevènement insists he will not deal with religious matters. He is instead to preside over the establishment of a new foundation for Islam whose goal will be to ‘build an Islam of France respectful of Republican values’, according to Bernard Cazeneuve, interior minister. The state-backed foundation will fund educational, research and cultural projects. It will also offer training on the rule of law, France’s secular system, known as laicité, and gender equality. A separate religious organisation will be set up to train imams.

“’The idea is to bring Islam and France closer,’ Mr Chevènement says. ‘It’s a sort ofcuisine a la française.’”

My Comment: In principle, this trend exists in every nation. If we are talking about Islam as one of the three world religions, in a country with a prevalent Muslim population, they need to be educated, understand, know the history, geography, people, people well suited to this issue, not terrorists by nature and the extreme left and right. They need to know the Koran and other religions deeply.

Question: Won’t these educated people be frightened of the terrorists?

Answer: The fact is that most people don’t agree with the terrorists. They talk about it and live. We cannot limit ourselves and not live.

Question: Do you see a future for modern Islam?

Answer: Certainly. This is imperative. I wonder why this has not been done before. If 10% of a country’s population are Muslims, it is necessary to enter this stratum. It is only now that we have perceived a need for this because Islam was self-contained and there was no obligation to be involved with it. But now  a compulsory education process will be encouraged by the state, and this is very good.

At the same time, there would be some sort of intelligent layer, maintaining close contact with all other cultures and religions and their place in them.

Through these people it will be possible to work with Islam, to appeal to something, or argue “This professor at the Sorbonne or the University of Lyon or thinks differently.” Although today there are few who consider professors, but all the same, there should be a link to academic, knowledgeable Islamists, and then we can somehow mitigate the situation.

Nevertheless, radical Islam extremists will not consider anyone. All of this makes no difference to them at all. From their point of view, Muslims like these are even greater enemies.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/31/16

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