“Civilization In The Dark”

Laitman_417In the News (svoboda.org): “Everything is bad. The world is heading to hell. …sociologists, political scientists and futurologists…will explain to you that the end of times is near, if not already here. Everywhere hostile foreign migrant terrorists repeatedly arrange insidious attacks, here and there bloody and senseless wars break out, life has become more expensive, corrupt politicians only think about their own pocket, young people have lost their youthful drive, they do not want to study and work; they spend time on the stupid gossip in social networks, and catching some Pokemon. In short, the future of our civilization is covered with thick darkness. …

“The Western world and its immediate surroundings do not look happy and confident. …

“It seems that the story makes a great twist that many Europeans, Americans, Russian already felt, but mostly on some subconscious, not fully meaningful level. …

“It is also the fact that the old instruments of political, economic, military control, which the ‘big’ West used for its own limits for the realization of their interests – for good or for evil, is another question, – stop working. There are no new instruments, or they are not used. …

“British historian Niall Ferguson recently wrote as follows: ‘Today, the greatest threat to western civilization are no other civilizations but our own faintheartedness- and the historical ignorance that feeds it.’”

My Comment: We don’t learn from our mistakes. We have reached an unprecedented dead end so we cannot learn anything from history. This is the reason that the wisdom of Kabbalah is being revealed today. It teaches us the new way that will bring humanity to a new state.

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