“A New World Order”

 In the News (inosmi): “What is the new world system? What are its main characteristics? What are the driving forces determining the actual functioning of our planet? …

“In fact, we are not faced with the crisis, but with a host of crises that are so closely intertwined that it is already impossible to establish where their causes, consequences are. The fact is that the effects are some other reasons that are built into the system. In other words, we are faced with a systemic crisis of the western world, affecting technology, economy, trade, politics, democracy, identity, military conflicts, climate, environment, culture, values, family, education, youth, etc.

“From an anthropological point of view, these crises give rise to fear and anger. People live in a state of anxiety and uncertainty. In the face of uncertain risks, such as loss of a job, man-made disasters, biotechnology, natural disasters, the total uncertainty … All this is a challenge to democracy. …

“Disappointment and deceived expectations – it should be understood that since the financial crisis of 2008 … everything has changed dramatically. Citizens have deep disappointment. Democracy itself, as a model, has lost confidence. Political systems have experienced tectonic shocks. In Europe, for example, the major traditional parties are in crisis. … The political landscape has undergone fundamental changes.

“If you manage to predict the future, we are clearly experiencing a global crisis in the system of leadership. In many countries, the state protecting the citizens has ceased to exist. … People demand that the political power once again take a leadership role in society. They talk about the need for a new understanding of policy, and putting limits on the political power of economic and financial markets. …

“The Internet is not just technology, but also one of the main operating entities of crises. …

“This unprecedented alliance – state security services + + Internet resources – has created a very real empire of surveillance, which aims to wiretap all the Internet and its users… .

“Cyberspace has become a kind of fifth element. The Greek philosopher Empedocles argued that our world is a combination of four elements: earth, air, fire and water. But with the advent of the Internet and its mysterious virtual space, … a new universe, to some degree quantum, is complementing the reality of the modern world like a true fifth element.”

My Comment: This situation is leading us to the need to connect and integrate in the new system, meaning to become like it: united. Nature is teaching us that human society must integrate with nature to become one single system.

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