Why Is Islam So Popular?

Laitman_049_01Question: Islam is the youngest religion, ranked second or perhaps now even first, after Christianity for its number of followers. What makes this religion popular?

Answer: Kabbalah explicitly points out that at the end of days of the world, before it starts to approach its correct completion, global integration, there will be a period when Islam becomes the strongest religion or the strongest world movement.

It was written about this in Kabbalah thousands of years ago! Ideological wars will be fought continuously, with military actions accompanying them. After all, a sword is depicted on the Islamic flag for a reason.

Question: Where does the popularity of the religion of Islam come from?

Answer: Its popularity is due to the fact that Islam unites all its supporters and conforms to the masses. This religion has a set of all possible variations in order to join any environment or movement. Therefore, Islam is very broad.

One can say that Christianity is also very fragmented. Indeed, but it is an older religion. Gone are the days of the Crusades, the religious wars that raged once in France, Germany, and England, between Austria and Spain, and so on. Everything was over very quickly because science was developing in those places affected by the Inquisition, in parallel to it and while fighting with it.

It is different with Arabic mentality. Islam primarily is a religion of the poor, unpretentious inhabitants of the deserts and regions such as Oceania, Indonesia, and Africa. It addresses the simple, unassuming, very narrow-minded people. It can tell them a lot with this respect. After all, what do they need to observe? Namaz and practically nothing else.

On the other hand, they receive worldwide support. Today no religion and no movement has the power to resist this because they are decrepit. Precisely on this background the modern Islam appears.

We must understand that this is not the Islam that for centuries was in a state of slumber in the Arabian, North African, and Asian deserts, right up to Afghanistan and beyond. This is a different type of Islam.

The real Islam is Sufism that speaks about unity and equality and is a reflection of Judaism.

However, today Sufism is completely crushed and is not popular. Sufis were forced to leave Arab countries and move to other places. I met with some in America, the Netherlands, and England. Unfortunately, the Arabic Kabbalah called “Sufism” disappears. On the surface rises the aggressive spirit of conquest, supported by a special ideology that wants the world to accept Islam by any means.

Question: Does it have to be this way from Kabbalah’s point of view?

Answer: No. The wisdom of Kabbalah describes the historical path of all nations and religions. In the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is written that even Judaism denied and rejected the wisdom of Kabbalah and became a religion that froze its adherents, Christianity will gradually fade, while Islam, which was dormant for many years from the 6th century AD until today, must specifically “flare up” today, and after a certain amount of time will fade like the rest of the religions.

After all, none of them is involved with discovering the upper world, so developing humanity cannot get any satisfaction through them. We are already coming to this.

In the future we will see that all of the religions will disappear and instead of them humanity must discover the true state of the universe, meaning its relationship and connection with the upper force in the form of absolute attainment.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/26/16

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