War Will Delay Human Development

laitman_222Question: Should a Kabbalist prevent war? Or, on the contrary, must he make efforts to ensure that the war comes quickly, but painlessly as possible, to solve the problems of the world?

Answer: Going to war is not the solution of a problem; it is the discovery of the evil that exists in us. But, we can discover that evil in a completely different way: through longing for good. And then the evil will be revealed, and we will be able, in spite of it, to climb over this evil and to connect. That’s the way to behave. To wait for war or to move toward it consciously is an absolutely erroneous method. It would lead to the prevention of the development of humanity and terrible consequences that cannot be foreseen.

After a third or fourth world war that the Kabbalists say may happen, it is expected that pitiful pieces would remain, a few million people, and it could be even less. They would continue human development. But without technological and scientific development, these groups would simply exist like the ancients and would unite.

On the one hand, among them, there would be an immense egoistic desire to “tear” the connections between them apart and act each for himself. On the other hand, the terrible suffering they would experience and all of the sights that would remain around them as a result of the war, the results of our civilization, would force them to cooperate correctly, mutually, to reach the right connection between them.

With the help of studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, we attract the Upper Light, a special energy, a special characteristic, the force that manages natural life. This force will help us understand how we can cooperate consciously. I am saying this to you with the knowledge that we have the ability to do this.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/10/16

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