“The World Needs A Policeman”

Laitman_408In the News (Wall Street Journal): “‘The United States Must Be the World’s Policeman,’ by Anders Fogh Rasmussen …

“From my former positions as prime minister of Denmark and secretary-general of NATO, I know how important American leadership is. We desperately need a U.S. president who is able and willing to lead the free world and counter autocrats like President Putin. A president who will lead from the front, not from behind.

“The world needs such a policeman if freedom and prosperity are to prevail against the forces of oppression… .

“The Middle East is torn by war. In North Africa, Libya has collapsed and become a breeding ground for terrorists. In Eastern Europe, a resurgent Russia has brutally attacked and grabbed land by force from Ukraine. China is flexing its muscles against its neighbors—and the rogue state of North Korea is threatening a nuclear attack.

“In this world of interconnections, it has become a cliché to talk about the “global village.“ But right now, the village is burning, and the neighbors are fighting in the light of the flames. Just as we need a policeman to restore order; we need a firefighter to put out the flames of conflict, and a kind of mayor, smart and sensible, to lead the rebuilding.”

My Comment: In principle, the United States has no right to be a policeman.
Today the world is crumbling and breaking up and a great war is inevitable unless people unite.

Ostensibly, the European Union tried to unite everyone under the auspices of a single bank and a single industry. On the other hand, America is trying to unite everyone through its power and through NATO, but these are not the ways that will lead to unity.

Unity is possible only through education, explaining in circles and all kinds of educational processes based only on altruistic principles like, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). Clearly, this is a long term project, but at least in an educational process of this kind it will be explained, not who is higher or lower, but that everyone is equal and should be united.

This doesn’t exist in NATO or in America, and not in Europe. All of these associations are like armed police, one through the economy, a second through politics, and the third through power. I don’t think anything positive can happen from it.

There is nothing for a person without the right education. Education is the only source for our good future.

So first and foremost, we need to place the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” and methodically begin to move toward it according to the appropriate method.

But neither America nor Europe can help the world. They need help themselves.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/21/16

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