“Researchers Modeled Collective Intelligence”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Pravda):David Hagmann from Carnegie Mellon University and his colleagues believe that the phenomena associated with the adoption of collective decisions are subject to a certain mathematical algorithm. Scientists have borrowed from the animal world, bees and bacteria, as the principle for creating the model.

“Both are part of large groups, but they are able to participate in rather complex decision-making, using signals that pick up from a small amount of group members, scanning the environment. So, choosing places for bee hives is based on information received posted in searching ‘spies.’

“Similarly, are the need to act and algorithms for collective decision-making, according to the study authors. Imagine that we have a kind of notional group of people that have access to a limited amount of information.

“Based on this information, each of these people may decide to perform one of several actions that are predefined and his intention immediately becomes aware of others who, in turn, may follow suit or to do some other way.

“When one of these options reaches a greater degree of popularity, all the others make a collective decision, guided by the opinions of several ‘interest groups.’ Moreover, the prevalence of this decision will depend on the size of ‘interest groups’ – the larger it is, a greater number of people will accept this decision. …

“The fact is that the members of large groups unconsciously choose the least risky strategy of the developing solutions. So, if the place for a hive or colony of insects is built hastily by the selected ‘scouts,’ it can lead to death of the whole population. Therefore, at the moment of decision-making analysis and risk assessment are necessary.

“Hagmann says the same thing occurs in the human brain. In the brain there is a decision-making center, and the nerve cells are searching for the best options to carry out further actions. …

“‘Our brain works in such a way that the decision is made only when a certain number of neurons are active in the decision-making center…’ – says one of the study authors, Russell Goleman.”

My Comment: This is further proof that specifically a collective and its maximal collective decision is correct because in this case the decision and action are consistent with the single network that connects all parts of nature into one unified system.

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