A Crisis Is The Birth Of The New Humanity

laitman_426In the News (of two minds.com): “Correspondent Bart D. (Australia) captured the entire global economy in three words: The Landfill Economy. Stuff is manufactured, energy is consumed shipping it somewhere, consumers buy it and shortly thereafter it ends up as garbage in the landfill.

“This is of course the definition of ‘economic growth’: waste, inefficiency, environmental destruction—none of these matter. Only two things matter: maximize ‘growth’ by any means necessary, and maximize profits by any means necessary.

“The Landfill Economy now encompasses the entire planet. The swirling gyre of plastic trash the size of Texas between Hawaii and California: it’s just one modest example of the planetary trash dump that ‘growth’ and profit generate as byproducts/blowback.

“The planet’s oceans are one giant trash dump. Everything from plastic water bottles to abandoned fishing nets to radiation to containers that fell off ships is floating around even the most distant corners of the seas. Seabirds nesting in remote islands die of starvation as their guts fill with plastic bits of ‘permanent growth.’ …

“The Keynesian Cargo Cults that rule global economics love The Landfill Economy because it means more ‘growth.’ Never mind the poisoned seas, rivers and land, or the immense waste of energy, commodities and labor that result from the global manufacture and distribution of shoddy products: if it adds to ‘growth,’ it’s all good in the warped view of the Keynesian Cargo Cults.”

My Comment: The only solution to all the problems that lead humanity to annihilation is changing human nature, which should take place according to nature’s plan. A crisis is the birth of our future state, which we can attain not by changing the world around us, but by changing ourselves, by changing our nature from an egoistic one to an altruistic one.

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