It’s Enough To Pray For Economic Growth

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Slate): “The call to stop economic growth sounded still in 1972 in the Club of Rome report. The mythology of economic growth implies that the increase in GDP leads to a reduction in unemployment.

“It is proposed to move away from the equation economic growth = employment = wealth, to leave the ‘religion of economic growth’ with its emphasis on production development.

“The decline in economic activity should be aimed at protecting the environment from the looting, at the desire to lay the foundations of a friendly society.

“It is proposed to introduce a full lifetime supply for all the members of the public with everything needed for a simple but decent living (housing, food, clothing, water, energy, medical care…), that is, to give everyone free metered access to vital resources, accompanied by an insignificant amount for ‘special expenses.’”

My Comment: Such provisions will lead to work ceasing to be our main goal, the only basis for public relations, and the only way to ensure a decent life; the production of useless things will be annihilated; people will be freed for integral development; this will put an end to unemployment, will form an exit from capitalism and the market dogma to a free sector of re-organizing society, a system of consumption, production methods, and the determination of our real needs.

The methods for the free distribution of resources should be discussed in classes of integral education, as well as a mandatory part of public works. During workshops, there will be discussions about the tasks and methods of their realization.

The weakness of the program is in the absence of figures and the non-acceptance of integral economy that allows skeptics to dismiss all proposals. Distribution is possible with the approval of an acceptable income and solution to housing problems. Only to the extent of people learning integral education, can there be a gradual transition to a new system of all parts of society, from the lowest according to the level of income to the highest.

In any case, we are faced with a choice between a conscious recession to a rational level and the inevitable unmanageable recession.

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