A Priceless Gift

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is false humility in the relationships between the groups?

Answer: In our work there is no false humility because if you knew for sure that salvation is only possible through the connection with the friends you would not be shy. You would beg them for help.

Let’s say I know that I have a problem with my health and there is some remedy for it in South America. That means that I would connect with one of the groups living there and ask them to send this remedy to me. This is natural because we often help each other this way.

If so, why can’t you ask for the inner support? This would be help not only for you. Since you ask your friend about connection with him, you do the same service for him. For now, you still don’t understand the essence of the common work! If I know that my friend and I have the correct relations I have to accept a gift from him. By doing this I express my attitude toward him and I understand his attitude towards me.

When you love someone you want to give him gifts. If he says, “No I don’t need this, why?” So he doesn’t understand your action. He has to show that he is happy to receive your gift, “I wanted this so much! It is so great that you guessed what I wanted!”
From the Lesson About “Group and Dissemination,” 10/21/13

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  1. Yes, perfect timing. And, I was thinking exactly this the past week. That you read my thoughts and I was grateful for the new posts you had put up. I felt you understood me. I also was ‘begging’ a rabbi this past weekend for help on something I was trying to sort out and felt that was the only way. Thank you for always continuing to do these writings.

  2. if you study kabbalah you have to be very structured and plan everything ahead of you. You say that preparation is everything. How can i learn anything from kabbalah if i cant remember anything from this. Is kabbalah right for me?

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