TTIP Postponed! Is This Good For The Jews?

laitman_547_05In the News (Sputnik News): “France has opposed the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal between the European Union and the United States. French officials insist that the deal will be beneficial for the US economy while ruining businesses across Europe.

“The TTIP deal establishing a free-trade zone between Europe and the US will not be signed in 2016, Harlem Desir, Secretary of State for European Affairs in the French government, said in an interview with France-Info.

“‘The conditions for this deal have not been agreed yet. And taking into account the current situation, I can say, they will not be agreed until the end of the year. In particular, France sees as insignificant Washington’s proposals on the access to the US market for European products. The proposals would offer no benefits for the European economy,’ Desir said. …

“Initially, the TTIP deal was seen as Europe’s response to its inability to overcome economic depression. Its strategic goals were to increase trade between the US and the EU and to give fresh impetus to economic growth in the ‘Trans-Atlantic civilization.’

“In theory, such an agreement would presume elimination of mutual tariff and non-tariff barriers to ease access to the markets. Currently, average customs tariffs between the US and the EU are three to four percent and the removal of customs barriers would not increase trade. …

“The document has been criticized as being designed to open the doors to other markets for US transnational corporations.

“If the EU signs the deal nearly 600,000 Europeans will lose their jobs, European goods will not be able to enter the US market, exports will decrease and EU countries will lose income, Jeronim Capaldo, a research fellow at the Tufts University, wrote.

“As a result, he warned, the EU will suffer a drop in GDP. Germany, Europe’s strongest economy, may lose up to 1.4 percent of its GDP. …

“The deal will have negative impact on the entire European farming industry and may also affect the European engineering industry, Anna Kokoreva, senior analyst at Alpari, said.

My Comment: This is meaningless because the EU is declining and disintegrating, being swallowed by masses of Muslims. But they will come to an agreement with them and together wage war against the Jews as the wisdom of Kabbalah says. Yet there is another option, the unity of all of humanity not against anyone but uniting in order to reveal the next level of humanity.

The fulfillment of this option depends on the Jews and on the example of unity they will give the world. Why? Because the Jews are the part of humanity which 3,500 years ago decided to unite in ancient Babylon in the state of crisis.

The method of unity is the wisdom of Kabblah and they have it. The Jews have to first implement it themselves and show the way to unity to the whole world. This is the way the world can be saved from annihilation. This is the mission of the Jews and the reason that the other nations hate them.

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