“How Israel Became The Only ‘Island Of Stability’ In The World”

laitman_600_02In the News (cursorinfo): “‘The Middle East has plunged into chaos, Europe is falling apart, the political situation in the US is poor. The only stable place in the world – the State of Israel’ – so wrote to me last week, one of the most experienced and well-known employees of the State Department in Washington, a renowned expert on the Middle East. …

“Stability, of course, is a quite relative concept. However, an American observer, came to a similar conclusion; see the following picture: despite all the problems of the coalition government in Jerusalem, despite the lamentations of the parliamentary opposition, Israel has successfully overcome challenges in his way. At least it has a flourishing foreign policy. …

“Strengthening relations with India, China, Japan and other Central Asian countries is a major foreign policy achievement of Israeli diplomacy. In addition, Israel is developing its relations with the countries with which it does not have formal diplomatic relations – in areas such as the fight against terror, modern technology, science and economics. An important aspect of the present government’s foreign policy doctrine is a correlation between the interests of Israel and the events occurring in the world around us. For example, the Iranian threat and the threat posed by the Islamic State of Israel brings together a number of Arab states. Unlike past years, when various processes in the Middle East took place as a result of the intervention of the United States, now we are talking about the coordination of interests between the regional players.

“The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is no longer the main theme that occupies the leaders of Sunni Arab states. But they can not completely ignore the problem.Therefore, one should not expect that formal diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia will be concluded soon. However, Israel may use informal relations with these countries in order to promote a solution to the Palestinian problem.

“As for Europe, it is hoped that the aggravation of the internal problems of the continent, at least to some degree make more moderate insistence of the EU to promote the use of meaningless initiatives, such as the one that the French government pushed. Unfortunately, Europe does not understand the real problems of the Middle East, which are a threat not only to the region but also to itself.”

My Comment: Unfortunately this situation will soon be over and no one will buy any products made in Israel anymore. If the Jews do not begin to engage in their own unity, demonstrating an example of an integral society for the whole world, the world will bare its teeth to them!

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