New Life 772 – Selichot (Forgiveness) Between A Person And The Place

New Life 772 – Selichot (Forgiveness) Between A Person And The Place
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

God, the Creator, HaVaYaH, the place, all these names refer to the upper force that created the desire to receive. The Creator fills the desire to receive to the degree that the desire to receive resembles the Creator who bestows. The Creator resides in the ties of bestowal between people who connect to each other. This is the place.

It says that it is useless to ask the Creator for forgiveness if you have not corrected your relations with others. Therefore, Selichot (prayers of forgiveness) should come from the connection between people into one group. This is where the Creator is revealed. The personal reckoning is to what degree I am connected to everyone in good relations. There is no account of myself.

The detachment from the Creator during the 2,000 years of exile distorted our true perception of soul searching. Everything a person does is written in the book; we are all closed in one network and every motion we make is recorded in the network. You affect the network, so you have to constantly make sure that the network is connected and not disconnected. Not knowing your duty doesn’t exclude you from punishment. If you haven’t tightened the connections in the network, it is as if you caused disconnection.

Forgiveness, remorse for the past, and receiving in the future are all included in a person’s soul searching, and thus he corrects his attitude toward the network; no one can perform this correction for him. Forgiveness between a person and his friend is turning to someone at a certain point, clarifying, and correcting the attitude toward him.

Forgiveness between a person and the place is a person’s attitude to the whole integral system; clarifying and correcting his general attitude to the system. Asking the Creator for forgiveness is asking everyone together for forgiveness. “I reside among my people.”
From KabTV’s “New Life 772 – Selichot (Forgiveness) Between A Person And The Place,” 9/27/16

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