“Europe During A Difficult Period In Its History”

Laitman_419In the News (cursorinfo): “Europe is experiencing the most difficult period in its history, says Sylvie Kauffmann, a regular contributor to Le Monde. …

“’For a few months the crisis of migrants has led to profound transformations in Europe, even deeper than the euro crisis. The first shock for Europe has become a new division between East and West. The attempt in the name of solidarity, but without pre-treatment to force member countries to quotas of migrant distribution, exposed the chasm that exists between the old democracies of the West and the young post-communist regimes in Central Europe’ – the article says. ‘The categorical refusal of many of these countries to accept the Muslim refugees imposed on them has led to a failure of the front (second shock ), which coincided with an increase in the number of political practices, perceived in the West as anti-democratic.‘

“‘The third shock was the moral EU defeat’ – continues the journalist – Europe has always declared its fundamental values:. Tolerance, Human Rights, Diversity, Tolerance, which fell under the pressure of national-populist movements that flourished in apid color due to the crisis of migrants …’

“”The fourth shock is paradoxical. … says Kaufmann. – ‘The crisis with migrants It showed that the space for free movement can not operate in the EU… Leger understand the resistance of some countries, but it is sure that ‘there is no other way out.’”

My Comment: There is another way out, and in general, there is only one: true integration. But this approach requires a change in attitude toward the world and the meaning of life.

The question is: “Are the people in the European Union ready to hear this or are they completely controlled by the bourgeois elite who don’t value anything but material gain even under threat of its and the world’s extinction? And yes, does the European Union have the power to impose its will on everyone?
A group of Kabbalists could initiate the change.

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