The Collaborative Consumption Economy

Laitman_506_5In the News ( “Lending, borrowing, sharing – they are the common denominator of the collaborative consumption economy. You can share working hours with someone, if you do not use them fully. This applies to almost anything – from one square meter in the office to work equipment.

“Intermediary firms establish contact between the buyer and the seller, for which, as a rule, receive the payment of a few percent.

“The joint consumption economy is now at the initial stage of development, but it is clear that more and more services will soon be available in this form. Already there are features such as a digital platform for dog lovers to communicate, various applications of performing services, homemade lunches, and other minor services.

“Another example of implementing the idea of the collaborative consumption economy – is at home [Sweden] in Lund 2019. The tenants of the property get access to the fund of electric vehicles, bicycles, and a guest apartment. In this case they are called to share things with each other.

“Why is the collaborative consumer economy causing so much interest? Thanks to it, you get to know people who would otherwise never have met. It is built on mutual trust, it teaches people to rely on each other. It increases the efficiency of resource use. In addition, it promotes new and innovative solutions to everyday problems and strengthens the private sector of the economy. …

“But, first and foremost, it teaches people to help and trust each other.”

My Comment: If we advance with this without correcting our egoism, from this wonderful venture all that will remain is a business, taxes, and advertising that choke everything. What happened with the European Union will happen. Without first educating people about good relations between them to earn the maximum compensation—the feeling of belonging to eternity—people will not behave responsibly, which is imperative for good relationships, because the ego will not allow it!

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