The European Union – “A United Space Of Distrust”

laitman_547_05In the News ( “United Space of Distrust – Why European intelligence agencies can not fight together against terrorism”

“A series of recent terrorist attacks in France and Germany actualized discussion on countering extremism. The issue was raised again about the coordination of special services of the member states. Too often, it turned out that a criminal who committed the attack in one country performed this in sight of the security forces of a neighboring state, but they do not share information with colleagues. …

“There is a paradoxical situation: the extremists in Europe have more freedom of action than those who must confront them. As after the arrest of Abdeslama, the terrorists changed their plans – instead of the business district of Paris La Défense an attack in Brussels – they were outside the jurisdiction of the French secret service, so they lost interest.

“After each new terrorist attack, from the high tribunes sound the ritual appeals to rally more closely and actively share information. … But the words remain words. …

“The EU has succeeded in many ways: a common economic space, open borders, uniform standards of education. But the general security policy – is still a pipe dream. …

“The reason for this, according to the director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs School of Economics Timofey Bordachev, lies in the very concept of the state and the representation of its functions. ‘The most important duty of a sovereign state is to ensure the security of citizens’ – said the expert. …

“ European intelligence agencies still treat each other with suspicion, remembering the old adage – ‘intelligence has no friends, only competitors.’”

Attitude: I believe that in the near future we will witness the breakup of the European Union because without educating the citizens of these nations with a spirit of unity, living as a single family, they feel like they are strangers to their neighbors.

The restrictions imposed on the nations of the Union will become prohibitive to implement. The benefits of the Union will disappear and be covered with a lack of desire to concede until they “divorce.”

But happiness can be achieved—just as in a family, it is necessary to know how to reach it, to appreciate, preserve, and develop it!

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