“The End Of ‘Helicopter Money’”

laitman_202_0In the News (vz.ru): “The end of ‘helicopter money,’ or rather, the use of this strategy may come faster than expected by some politicians in the US and the EU. They think that super-cheap credit – is a temporary measure. But they are wrong.

“‘Scattering money from a helicopter’ – is an idea the US and EU financiers are repeating more often. Naturally, spreading the money is meant only to provide super-cheap loans to banks. About the unemployed, social benefits, or state increases to wages of millions of workers in the West, they are not talking. …

“”Providing easy money for the banks in the United States for the activation of consumer lending is a policy that has exhausted itself. …

“For the West, there is another alternative: returning to the development of the manufacture of those goods that for decades they have imported from China and other countries.”

My Comment: But this also won’t help because the current crisis is not a crisis as happened in the past. It is the manifestation of a new stage in the development of humanity. It is caused by the program rooted in nature, not by us.

According to this program, a person has to change and to turn into a social creature, which means to change his conduct from an egoist individualist to a person who is active in society, an altruist. This is actually the model of an integral world or a small village.

A person can undergo such a transformation only under the influence of the special force in nature that can be spurred only by implementing the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah. This is the reason it is revealed today.

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