The End Of The Money Era, Part 4

Laitman_115_04All of the destructions are a preparation for correction. The first destruction, the very first sin of Adam was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Later, as a result of this fundamental sin, there were many separations from generation to generation.

In every generation, more and more divisions were revealed until in ancient Babylon, it was revealed so strongly that it separated the people of Israel from the nations of the world. This does not speak about people, but about two methods of correction. One method says: “We will go the way nature shows us. The Creator created us with the desire to enjoy and succeed in life, and we will fulfill this desire.”

The second method says: “The Creator created a desire to enjoy not in order for us to succeed in life. Nothing good will happen if I follow my egoistic desire. After all, life will end one day. I must use my desire to enjoy in order to rise above it. If I make the correct effort to act against the desire to enjoy, then from above I receive the highest force of nature. It is a miracle. It is enough to do some work on my egoism by resisting it and trying to unite with others, and a great Light will come to us and help us connect above our egoism. In this way, we begin to reveal the Creator.”

So, there are two methods. Either we work on the egoism and with its help we will organize ourselves and the world, or we want, due to desire to receive pleasure, to organize the higher level, using egoism only as means.

Question: If any destruction is a preparation for correction, then which division better prepares the world for correction, an American model or a European one? Which continent is closer to the realization of its evil and to correction?

Answer: America is an initial stage with a touch of egoism. It once brought people of different nationalities from different countries together, people who had nothing and began from scratch to build the country according to a single principle—the power of money.

And consequently American culture is close to all the world; it is possible to export it anywhere. After all, people everywhere understand what money is. Whereas in Europe it was different. Europe is proud of its individual, special culture, which it tried to introduce in all of its colonies.

The lack of unity was revealed much faster in Europe. In it, there are conflicts between countries, governments, including territorial claims. According to the program of creation, they must discover that the American project that translates everything to money can’t be realized, especially in Europe where it is necessary to weigh the many parameters that do not have a cash equivalent.

As a result, it will lead them to understand that they are going through suffering. Any program that they offer now will result in great suffering.

Question: At what point will the group of Abraham and the group of Nimrod meet again and unite?

Answer: The group of Nimrod, beginning from ancient Babylon and onward, acted only according to one principle: the power of money. This approach is ingrained in every nation to the present day with small differences according to the national character of each one.

The group of Abraham began to connect between themselves not on the basis of money, but on the principle of unity. So, in their attitudes, money did not dominate, but mutual bestowal did. It means that to unite, the efforts can come from the pocket or from the heart.

This group managed to build the Temple and reach unity, but then it shattered. Now, the group of Abraham finished mixing with the group of Nimrod. Nowadays, Jews, especially in America and Europe, want to connect to the group of Nimrod as much as possible, but they will discover that it does not work.

They really would like to dissolve in all of humanity and adopt its customs, but they will not succeed. After all, humanity doesn’t want them. It despises and hates the Jews and pushes them away. The Jews don’t realize how much they are hated by all the nations of the world.

These two groups can begin to work together only on condition that, as a result of the work of Abraham’s group, that is, the Kabbalists, the Upper Light will be shed on Nimrod’s group and enable them to understand that they must join Abraham’s group, the method of connection. This method will be spread between all nations. Only in this form will it be possible to make the correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/16, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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