New Life #328 – The Quest For Honor

New Life #328 – The Quest For Honor
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


Every person has a need for honor to define himself. How can one use this value correctly to get a true feeling of integrity?

Man’s need for respect differentiates him from animals. Society defines the values for respect. It is important to check who defines the values that I invest my life to attain.

Someone who is respected is someone who wins attention from others, figures prominently and is considered important. People are willing to sacrifice their lives so that they will be respected after their death. Respect is something eternal.

It is possible to use the inclination for honor for good or for evil. Destructive respect is when I do everything to merit respect, including destroying others and society. Constructive respect is when I am concerned for the good of others and society, and gain their appreciation. Do I want to step on them to get higher, or am I ready to sacrifice myself for their good?

Through the wisdom of connection it is possible to educate everyone so that all are respected and admired by others. Then each one respects the others because specifically through his connection with them he is elevated to a higher state, together.

Human nature is egoistic. We need to learn how to transform it to giving, bestowal, and love. When we become like a single body, we are no longer afraid that there will be others who are more respected than we are. Mutual respect means that we respect the value of connection, the power of mutual bestowal that is created between us. A person doesn’t have to have respect from someone, for basically creating the characteristic of bestowal between us makes him feel respected.

My egoistic nature pushes me to step on others to win respect. I raise myself above them. If you want to benefit others, nobody will stop you. You will gain respect and appreciation.

Filial piety: children have contempt for their parents because it is clear to them that they will always be treated better than them.

When we learn to relate to others like a close family, a loving society will be built.
From KabTV’s “New Life #328 – The Quest For Honor,” 3/27/14

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