“The US Will Repeat The Fate Of The Roman Empire?”

400In the News (Vesti Finance): “Former US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, one of the few who consider the growing social costs of direct threat to the country’s economy. …

“the truth is that social spending now exceeds even military spending: it accounts for more than $1.75 trillion, that is, half of all federal spending, while the needs of Pentagon spending is approximately $700 billion per year. This is an exemplary picture of what happens when the military and social spending beyond the capability of the state, the state collapses. And a perfect example of this -. [In] The Roman Empire … the huge costs of ‘bread and circuses’ practically exhausted the imperial treasury. Initially it was assumed that this would facilitate the suffering of the poor. A free food program was designed for 40,000 residents of Rome in 71 BC. e. and 320,000 (about one-third of the entire population of Rome) under the emperor Augustus… .

“The expensive entertainment, bloody gladiator fights that took place during the holidays, were common in the sunset of the Roman Empire, depleted state treasury. …

“The situation is similar in the United States: social expenditures exceed the resources of the economy, they take half of the federal budget. This is compared to 20% in 1970. Furthermore, expenditures will only grow. … To pay for social benefits, federal tax rates have doubled. It is unlikely that the elite, to get the most benefit from their status quo, will deduct 80% of their income as federal taxes. From a comprehensive analysis it becomes clear that the economic elites and corporate groups representing the interests of business, have quite a strong influence on the US government , while ordinary citizens have little impact on the political process. no one dares to encroach on the ‘third pillar’ of US policy. So, if there is no free lunch, it is better not to talk about them, than to engage in populism.

“The Romans were not interested in solving this problem. As soon as people were used to free bread, riots began to occur in cases of delayed delivery of the grain. The authorities are faced with the unrest, growing demand, depleted coffers, and weakened currency, it was necessary as a politically expedient ‘solution.’ American elites are trying to solve problems with the help of an uncontrolled release of money to subsidize the federal budget deficit, stubbornly unwilling to notice the final fall of the currency, which it inevitably will.”

My Comment: It is impossible to stop the evolutionary process of society; egoism must prove itself as the gravedigger of the reign of the self, like a cancer that devours the body and ultimately dies together with it. Salvation is only with introducing Integral Education among to the public and its implementation in society. This is the path of the Light.

Otherwise it will be the path of suffering, not through curing egoism, but through the death of the entire body, the empire of the ego.

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