The Holiday Of Shavuot

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear friends! During these days we celebrate the greatest holiday that symbolizes receiving the upper force in our world, its revelation and possibility to use it for the common good, for the spiritual elevation of the humanity in order for everyone to become a dweller of the upper world and to feel eternity, infinity, and perfection.

Contact with the upper world is a gift of connection that we can use for our benefit and the benefit of others, but only on condition that we will take on arms the upper force and bring the entire world to perfection with its help. This is the mission of our nation in the name of which we received the upper Light called the Torah.

During a short historical period we were realizing the spiritual method only among ourselves, but today the time has come when the entire world needs it. And therefore, as it is said in the wisdom of Kabbalah, we have reached the state of the “last generation,” meaning the last generation that can feel only a limited material world.

Let’s start to unite together in order to reveal the upper Light within us, in the center of our union, according to the law of “love your neighbor as yourself.” Then it will start to gush, will be manifested within us from the depth of the universe, and will change the entire world and us!

Everything depends only on us. We have come to the state when the entire history of the humanity faces the moment of accomplishing the great correction. The Light is ready to affect the world.

Therefore, we have to achieve that the Torah be given to the entire humanity so it will begin to feel itself existing in the quality of love, kindness, and mutual connection and will rise to the next level of the universe, above life and death, above limitations of our world, and above all problems. This is the giving of the Torah, meaning the upper Light, upper force, and our receiving it.

I wish everyone to realize this way the holiday of Shavuot, the holiday of the giving of the Torah!

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