New Life #576 – Shaming On The Internet

New Life #576 – Shaming on the Internet
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


A person who has been shamed on the Internet feels that he is in “hell” because our basic force is the ego and so we aspire to feel pride and fear being shamed. A person who has been shamed, feels that he has been erased, buried, and that he has nothing to live for.

Our self, the human being in us is everything for us, everything. If it is erased, we have nothing to live for. What is more, there is an internal spiritual point in us that doesn’t die, a spark of our soul that develops from one generation to the next.

Some people don’t care about anything, while others are very sensitive to the issue of shame and pride, and others’ negative opinions can lead to great emotional stress.

We are like gears in a single system, dependent on each other. Sometimes embarrassing pictures of people are publicized on the net and it hurts the person’s pride to such an extent that the only resort he feels he has is to commit suicide. It doesn’t help to hide in order to protect oneself from shame. Instead a person should ascend to a higher level.

If a person goes into a chicken coop, for example, and all the chickens yell at him, he is not ashamed because he is higher than them. A person who raises himself morally understands that the others are still behaving like small children. The ascent is in spiritual values, in the values of love of others through which one reaches connection to the upper force.

Sometimes a great person is humiliated from above, as has happened to great Kabbalists throughout history, but they realize where this stems from and why the upper force has such an account with them.
From KabTV’s “New Life #576 – Shaming On the Network,” 5/28/15

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