On Hitler’s Birthday

laitman_293Comment: On the 20th of April, Adolf Hitler’s birthday, nine universities in Germany suddenly began printing leaflets with quotations from Hitler’s book Mein Kampf: “Wake up Europe! Hostile foreigners have flooded Europe, and the Jews are responsible for the settlement of foreign racial elements on the banks of the Rein.” This was written a long time ago, and is now being published in a new edition.

Answer: Baal HaSulam said that Nazism is not a product of Germany. Therefore, everything comes full circle to Nazism.  Any history of human begins on a small scale.

There have been seeds of Nazism in the past that have developed in the course of evolution, repeated in a spiral and reached the last explicit manifestation as Nazism in Germany. And now has come the time for the manifestation of Nazism all over the world.

And the claim that “the Jews are responsible for the settlement of foreign racial elements on the banks of the Rein” is true. We are not responsible for the foreign invasion to Germany and their settlement there. We are responsible for not bringing the world to correction, for not explaining and not setting an example of how to do it.

In fact, we sit idly because we are not drawing the Upper Light that can correct humanity. The Jews are the only force that can do so, and if we don’t, everything that will happen is natural.

Nazism is the most extreme form of mutual hatred that appears in humanity. Therefore, it is only natural that it will be aimed first at the Jews, and this time from all over the world. It will be cultivated simultaneously by everyone, starting from many serious prominent sources, which all of the others gradually will join because they will not be able to resist it.

Let’s see how it happens in America and Europe because the Jews there will be blamed instead of Israel; here we, in general, are in a similar situation now to that of the time of Masada.

Soon, we will need to fight, not on land, air, and sea, but in the spiritual dimension. This is the reason that we must quickly prepare the people of Israel and the Jews all over the world by making it clear to them that if we unite and understand our mission in the world, we will not weaken or kill our rivals, but will change and re-educate them, and then the world will reach a happy ending.

Everything depends solely on us. Let’s start doing it. We only have time left for the accurate correction, not for reflections and philosophies.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/24/16

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