Israeli Independence Day

laitman_229Question: The State is Israel is celebrating its 68th independence day, a country was built on the desert sands and has fought many wars in the struggle for its existence and independence. What do you think of the accomplishments of the State of Israel in such a short time?

Answer: It depends on what you consider an accomplishment. If we count the accomplishments by the technological innovations and other inventions, then they are truly great.

We have built a wonderful agricultural infrastructure; we can feed ourselves and we export many agricultural products; we don’t depend on rain water or on ground water, we desalinate sea water. We have built wonderful roads and railroads; we have a strong army and advanced weapons.

But all that does not guarantee our independence. A state’s independence today is not based on its power, on its inner technological, economic, or political strength. Today every country depends on the whole world. The modern world is round, global, a small village, and so if we want to be independent, we don’t need to be independent of others, but rather to be in good relations with everyone.

It is impossible to hold on to a certain position today and say, “I have a nuclear bomb so I don’t depend on anyone.” It is very easy today to isolate a country and to make it fall to its knees. Therefore, a state’s independence should be measured only by its good relations with other countries and not by its power.

The concept of independence does not refer to individual independence anymore. This concept now refers to global independence.

We can speak about being an individual country but the State of Israel is not independent yet.

Question: So what do we celebrate?

Answer: We celebrate the state’s birthday and nothing more than that.

Question: But the world we depend on is, in most cases, against us.

Answer: Unfortunately it depends on us. We are the only state in the world whose independence depends on us alone, while all the other states depend on each other and, at the same time, also on us. This is the most amazing thing!

Therefore, if we want to be independent, we have to unite in order to set an example for the whole world. The moment humanity sees that, it will immediately begin to learn how to unite from us and we will become Light unto the nations. In that case, nothing will threaten us anymore.

Now, on the other hand, we only cause the other nations harm according to what we hear on all sides and from all the nations. We are the source of evil for the whole world! Because Israel is the central part of the general system of the world and whatever happens to Israel affects all the other nations.

If the relations between us in our country are bad, we convey the same state to the world and the whole world falls to a state of division, disputes, and disagreements. Unless we unite, the world will not unite and all the nations will blame us for all their troubles.

Since the ego is constantly growing, the nations of the world will treat us increasingly worse with every year that goes by.

I wish our nation would begin to understand who we are and that not only our independence and our prosperity depend on our unity, but also the prosperity and independence of all the nations of the world does as does their positive attitude toward us.

I bless you all and wish all our future true independence day!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/9/16

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