Organs Have Minds Of Their Own

laitman_628_4In the News ( “Scientists have discovered how parts of organs grow differently when body size changes.

“…The study entitled, ‘Differential scaling within an insect compound eye,’ reveals how different parts of a single organ in the body can change sizes at different rates. …

“Dr Jeremy Niven, of the University of Sussex said: ‘Scientists have been trying to understand how organs reach the right size in our bodies since the beginning of the last century.

“’Scaling within organs still remains poorly understood — but our results show for the first time that when the size of our bodies change, the different regions and cells within our organs respond in more diverse ways than previously thought.’”

My Comment: According to Kabbalah, every cell in our body has its own mind. The smallest part of the body contains a microcosm. The part and the whole are equal. This is based on the absolutely closed integral connection of all the parts of the universe into one perfect whole. All discoveries are discoveries of the reality with regard to us.

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  1. İs skin counted as organ?when is it formed?

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