What A Spiritual Level Feels Like

laitman_250Question: What does the first spiritual level feel like?

Answer: Feeling the first spiritual level happens when, through one’s efforts, a person constantly arouses the influence of the Upper Light that exists in the connection between us.

If he yearns for unity, he begins to discover that this state already exists, but to the degree that he yearns for it, he invites the influence of this general state upon himself. Like a conductor moving in a magnetic field gives rise to an electric current, through our yearning for the next state, we also summon the appearance of a unique characteristic within us called Light. Then, we begin to feel the next spiritual level.

Spirituality is found outside of the physical human body. This body forms our ego within us.

As soon as we yearn for escape from it, we begin to invite a unique power, the Upper Light, the Light of correction, Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light). And it influences us to the degree that we yearn for the spiritual state. It corrects, changes, and transforms us into spiritual beings, meaning it gives us the feeling of the space outside of the body. That is how it works.

Question: What are the signs of feeling the spiritual levels?

Answer: On every spiritual level, we feel a completely new world, but this is not the world that is now within us and in front of us. It is revealed each time as a new universe, a new feeling about ourselves and those around us. There is a new feeling about the Creator in which we find ourselves like raisins in dough.

Question: What brings people to a group that studies Kabbalah?

Answer: There is nothing accidental in the world. A person comes to a group or encounters the wisdom of Kabbalah because he has spiritual potential. When this potential achieves a minimal contact with the general spiritual field, it begins to draw it within itself and aim it closer toward the center.

On the way, it encounters identical charges that are like it, but it sees them in the form of particular people with whom it can speak about the same subject and can discover the upper world together with them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/13/15

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  1. I enjoy reading and have seen Wisdom of Kabbalah on JLTV although, since switching to Verizon, they dont carry the channel. In this recent message, you say that the goal is for humanity to become more like eachother. My sense is that humanity is made up of 2 very conflicting forces. On one side seem to be humans that are evolved, moral, light seeking lovers of Truth & Justice while on the other….humans of moral decay, treachery who seem to have emanated from a very dark & evil source. To me, it is hard to fathom we all come from same source, rather it seems that in the Biblical sense…there is a God and a Satan. If the goal is to become like eachother, it would be a very bad situations if good humans were to become “more like” our evil counterparts. It would be better for them to become like us, more light filled, honest etc but in todays world, it appears that they have spread tentacles far & wide and I beleive humanity is being tested on whether we are willing to fight for Righteousness. I feel while we must work extra hard to be light filled and spread goodness…but we also have to expose evil & shine Light in the dark places & fight them because these people are not going to “stop being evil” on thier own.

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