Connecting To A Higher Level

laitman_232_04Question: Does a person know when there is a “knock on the door” that it’s the ascent to the next spiritual level?

Answer: No. The point is that when he is on a certain level, he cannot understand the demand of the next level, just as a dog cannot understand his master’s rebuke. We have no control of that at all.

We cannot attain the next level unless we have the senses suitable for it that allow us to understand which permissions, prohibitions, and moral restrictions there can be on that level. Therefore we cannot depict the next level at all since our whole world is basically what is reflected in our desires, in our consciousness. It is formed by our five senses, and our senses and our feelings operate in the desires.

If I use the five levels of my desire (seeing, hearing, taste, smell and feeling) in order to bestow, it means that I have completed my work on the level of our world and there is a switch in me to a new level. I begin to feel an upper part of the creation.

I need to connect to it, to study it, and to format myself so that I will be able to use whatever is revealed to me now in the best possible way using my five new senses. They already carry a new message and new demands by opening and discovering inside of me a new part of creation. At the same time, the demands are only focused on bestowal, on exiting myself. Thus, after the level of our world, I begin to feel the next level, the external upper world, because I have already prepared myself for that in order to bestow.

By correcting the egoistic attributes into attributes of bestowal in the range of frequencies that is revealed to me, I begin to gain control of the new level that is called the land of Israel (a desire to bestow). By controlling it and acquiring it, I attain what enters my five senses, which means that I begin to exist in this land and to feel its attribute.

The interesting fact is that at first I begin to feel the still part in it, and then the vegetative, animate, speaking, and finally the root of everything, the Creator. Then I advance onwards and feel every new level as a new world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/19/14

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