Is It Possible To Change Fate?

laitman_281_01Question: Can a person who realizes himself through the wisdom of Kabbalah independently change his fate?

Answer: Certainly, when a person realizes himself, he begins to understand why he acts the way he acts, why he is managed like this, and what the consequences of his actions are. It is not easy to reach this, but he can attain a state in which he will adhere so much with the Creator that his influence on the Creator and the influence of the Creator on him become absolutely transparent to him.

Question: Through being involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah, can a person change his attitude toward the world as well as change events that haven’t happened in our world yet?

Answer: The results of the events are always the same: the correction of the person. Let’s say that I’m in school, and it makes no difference how I behave and what I do, I must graduate. I could be beaten, left behind a second year as a punishment, or on the contrary, be encouraged, but in any case, I must finish school.

Question: Isn’t the desire to reach revelation of the Creator in the best way also an egoistic desire?

Answer: Of course, everything begins from an egoistic desire to escape suffering. However, then we begin to understand that the characteristic of bestowal, unity, and altruism is above all else.

This understanding leads to the fact that we begin to work with Upper Light, which corrects and changes us to such an extent, it makes no difference to us what we receive in exchange for our work. Being in the property of bestowal is above our egoistic nature. This is a great reward.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/15/15

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