When Will The World Support Israel?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we compare Israel to other countries, we can see it isn’t worse here than in other places and it is even better.

Answer: The problem is that you are comparing us to other countries. Of course, in many respects Israel is a better place and the relations between people are warmer, but this is in comparison to other countries.

I compare us to what we should be and to what the world demands of us.

If we don’t unite, nature will drive us to happiness with the stick of affliction: by another Holocaust, pogroms, wars, and other sufferings. Kabbalah warns us. But we can play our trump card and come to unity quickly and comfortably. It depends only on us, and the rest of the world will follow us. In line with this, we will receive the world’s support or blows accordingly.

Many Kabbalists wrote about the unity of the nation. The last Kabbalist who spoke about it in a way that is closest to us is the great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam who lived in the first half of the 20th century.

In his book The Last Generation, he describes a complete social system of social security, protection, and mutual assistance, a system in which everyone cares about other.

This is basically what Marx wrote about in his time, but he wasn’t properly understood. The Marxist interpretation of human evolution was quite close to the truth. This is the reason Baal HaSulam tells us how we should understand Marx correctly because Marx was followed by several opportunistic movements that totally distorted his ideas.

According to Baal HaSulam, we must first educate people and only then teach them to care of one another, mutual responsibility, which is what we call mutual guarantee, Arvut.

Of course this isn’t an instant transition to a brighter future. But as soon as we begin moving toward each other with mutual support and mutual care, toward a round society, our world will immediately begin to change.

Do you want the Intifada to end? Start taking the first steps toward one another and you will see how all of our enemies suddenly will fade. Today’s enemy will come to help you tomorrow and will do it whole-heartedly because the world is a common system, and you control the good force entering our world to create its harmony with the power of evil, egoism..

People will begin to feel that they are one family, will stop cutting each other off on the road, will stop scheming against colleagues at work, and surround one another with care and attention. Then, all of the other nations will feel at ease; tensions will subside. And it all will be thanks to us. Today they say we are to blame for all their problems.

Question: But the better off we are, the worse they will feel. They will see this and will want to destroy us.

Answer: No, the good state between us will be conveyed unto them. Suddenly they will be able to balance their social and political system, the relations in their families, in society, and everywhere. Otherwise, they will not succeed and will continue their attacks against us.
From KabTV’s “Confrontation. How It Works in Reality” 10/28/15

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