Old Ideologies Don’t Work, And There Are No New Ones….

laitman_546_03Opinion (Vladimir Kerees, political analyst): “Decision makers are guided by a picture of the world that exists in their imagination and is not based upon actual reality. This is possible because of the lowering of the level of the consciousness of the masses. It makes no difference what fantasies they promise us about ‘fresh spring air coming in through the window’; it is impossible to open the portholes in a submarine.

“People don’t understand the consequences of their actions. There has been no ideology in society since the collapse of the Soviet Union. We are living in a world of principles from the victorious period of the Enlightenment; this was an idea of progress in science and society, individual freedom, quality of life and security. There are no other ideas. But the old liberal principles work badly: The economic crisis is liable to grow into a super-crisis, fanatics are destroying civilization, half of the population of the Earth lives in poverty, and ecological problems are taking on a global nature. We must let go of the fantasies of people and realistically evaluate what is happening, without illusions.

My Comment: But how is it possible to realistically evaluate what is happening and make the right decision if the future is hidden? After all, in the past there was no need for consciousness because everything moved only according to direct (egoistic) development. We, the egoists, were like our world.

But today the world is becoming global, instead of a straight line; it is a round sphere in which everyone is mutually dependent. In such a system with many unknowns, we cannot find the right solutions.

Kabbalah advises us to transform ourselves to be like our own world, meaning integrally interconnected, and then we can find the correct solutions to the problems that arise. But to become voluntarily connected, we must want it. Or else problems will arise until actual wars will force us against our will.

In any case, the world is becoming closed globally, and we will be obliged to come to the same form of connection between us.

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