The Temple – The Location Of A Common Desire

laitman_933From the words of the Midrash Rabbah, Parshat “Chukat”: The red heifer is bought from the mandatory annual contributions of the half-shekel, that all Jews contributed to the Temple.

The Temple symbolizes the collective vessel into which the descending spiritual abundance is received. And after that according to a hierarchy it flows and extends to the smaller vessels that are all the people.

The Temple is the uppermost point of attachment of the desires that are connected with the Light, with the higher power. It is not created by one person, but by the sum of all the desires that we connect together in tens, hundreds, and thousands, forming one single desire, dissolved into it.

Therefore, by the Temple, we don’t mean a stone structure, but a place where the shared desire on which a correction must be made accumulates. Correction is not made in each person separately but only in our shared connection.

Question: What does it mean that “the red heifer is bought from contributions”?

Answer: In spiritual work, we give of ourselves only the initial desire (the half-shekel), and the correction comes to us from above (the second half of the shekel), and as a result, a complete desire emerges, a complete vessel (Kli), which the red heifer symbolizes.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/10/15

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