How We Can Change The Situation In Israel: The Point Of Universal Balance

laitman_933Question: The main role for which we were born is to reach the state of “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” It turns out that the terrorists who go out to the streets can be called “angels” who push us to fulfill our role.

Answer: Angels are not cherubim with wings, but forces that carry out orders from above, nature’s orders.

The force of gravity also can be called an angel, just like other forces in nature: electric, magnetic, etc. They stabalize the general balance in nature that constantly shifts and changes to the positive or negative sides of the common center.

This is the point that reveals these forces and others in every aspect. From the positive side, we can offer someone a helping hand, a hug, give a piece of bread, or help in other ways through culture, science, and so on.

It is the same from the negative side. One can kill, slaughter, humiliate, and harm others using the same science, art, and so forth. This means that these are all angels, forces through which the good and the evil are revealed in human society, and not only in society but in nature, too.

Israel is in the center between these two systems of forces and is the central point that can balance the whole system. We don’t destroy evil, but only balance the world and constantly keep this balance. This is the role of Israel and of the Jews.

Therefore, when anti-Semites say that we cause all the evil in the world, they are acknowledging the fact that they depend on us.
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From KabTV’s “The Current Emergency Situation In Israel” 10/14/15

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