Eternity And Wholeness Instead Of The Dominance Of Money

laitman_568_01Question: What does it mean to look at the economy and the system of human relationships correctly to prevent the future crisis?

Answer: In the 60s of the previous century, the world began to transform into an integral, circular, and closed system. But this was not yet clearly felt.

It is possible to claim that in the past century the world experienced a series of crises: “The Great Depression” in the United States, the crisis of Socialism in Russia, the crisis in Japan after great prosperity, and so forth. All of this became the origin of problems, but in the meantime doesn’t indicate a need for an absolutely different approach towards us and towards society.

We tried to find other ways out of the crisis. And the main thing is that people in whose hands wealth, power, and control are concentrated, until today, have not wanted to let go of all this because the coming relationship to the world is circular, integral. So those who have money, power, and an army will not manage the world.

This will be an absolutely different society. There are none who are higher, lower, and in the middle there; there is no control through force, the power of money, and the military. We call this society communist, but it should not be confused with the egoistic communistic experiments that were made in Russia, in Kibbutzim in Israel, and so forth.

The transition to this society, in principle, takes from those who dominate through all the power of money and the military. So it is necessary for some event to happen that is very difficult to predict.

When these people become convinced that the discovery of the next level of existence will transform them into eternal, perfect creatures that are not influenced by any defect, disease, and death, then this discovery can influence them so that they will let go of their desire for the imaginary dominance that attracts them like a child’s game.

Moreover, this will make it possible for the present rulers of the world to take a new role upon themselves: gently distributing the army and wealth, to move gradually to an absolutely different relationship to society in which each one will receive all that is required and necessary for him on a physical level.

And people will direct their time, power, and energy only so that there will be the right mutual connection between them because specifically with that we will begin to attain our eternal existence on a higher and higher level.

This can happen either through natural disasters and very difficult wars, or in a good way if the great ones in the world will understand that in exchange for all the happiness and physical control, they will acquire control over their nature, over death. I think that what will influence them in a positive way is the possibility of transforming physical, temporal, and insignificant control into eternal and perfect control.

I want to believe that humanity will reach this smoothly.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/12/15

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