After Us Comes The Deluge

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Konstantin Ranks, geologist): “The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced that August 13, 2015 is Earth Overshoot Day. The essence of this day is that on this date humanity has reached the maximal wastage of the resources that the Earth is ready to regenerate by the end of the year. In the remaining days until the end of the year, we will be living entirely on the account of the reserves of the Earth.

“We have found ourselves in a blind alley, the development of the economy is leading to the destruction of the Earth, but humanity has no desire and no ability to relinquish mass consumption.”

My Comment: This is precisely why the method of correction of our nature must be disseminated, since this is the most important and realistic task. Only recognition of the possibility of another, higher way of life, without limits or reception but with bestowal, will elevate us to equivalence with the Creator and stop our insanity. We will move to a new level of development. either by the way of suffering or by the way of understanding and recognition of this need.

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