Israel Must Use The UN

laitman_547_04Opinion (Dr Guy Bechor): “On the fifth year of the Middle Eastern destruction, which is going to last for decades, it’s time to determine that the United Nations has become irrelevant here, except in regards to one country, which is the last remnant of the old regional order – Israel. It’s time to use the UN as an offensive tool, not just as a defensive tool.

“It’s time to move the warfare into enemy territory. From now on, the UN institutions should be flooded with complaints, reports and information about the destruction taking place around us… We should embarrass them, just like they seek to embarrass us… Israel shouldn’t defend itself, it should attack. That way, it will be able to ‘trade’ for the first time in its history in the UN – in other words, reduce the offense dosage in return for a similar dosage reduction among the Arab parties, which know exactly what will happen when the truth about them is revealed in the West…the world will understand that Israel is a fortress of democracy and human rights… . That way, the world will understand where the paradise of the Middle East is and where its hell is.”

My Comment: What naïveté! The world is well aware and completely justifies all these crimes because opposition to Jews and Israel are not crimes, but correct conduct, valor.

The whole world is conspiring to annihilate Israel, moreover they don’t need to reach a mutual understanding in connection to this; it is instinctively understood among the nations of the world as it has been throughout history.

Only through our correction (union and connection between us) can we transfer this state to the world, and then, and only then, will they begin to respect us and come to us because we can give the world what is so necessary, and which no one else can give besides us—the union and the disclosure of the next level of development of humanity within that union.

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