A New Flood

laitman_746_02In the News (m.ria.ru): “The natural disasters we encounter indicate that the world is on the verge of an era of unstable climate. As a result of the slowing down of the revolution of the earth, 1-2 seconds have been added to a 24-hour period in the last few years.

“This is actually the main reason for the disruption of the earth’s energetic balance, of this enormous electric machine. The earth is on the verge of the first phase of a global transition process. The weakening of the earth’s magnetic field has already been observed at the beginning of the 20th century and the stable decline in the frequency of its revolution has been observed at the beginning of the 90’s. The decline in the velocity of the earth’s revolution by one second per year creates an enormous emission of thermal energy.

“The solar system together with the earth moves in the galaxy in elliptical spiral orbits. The big time step equals 200 million years and the small step equals 26,000 years, half a cycle, 130 hundred years matches the date of the last global flood (11,100 BC).

“The first phase is short and active. A fast braking of the earth is taking place resulting in the emission of great amounts of heat which leads to global warming. During the second phase, the magnetic field is stabilized and the earth gradually increases the frequency of its revolution, which leads to its cooling: the icebergs will be restored and the ocean will reach its previous level. The energetic balance of the earth will be stabilized during the third phase.

“After the last global flood there was a massive wave of immigration from the east to the west, while now the immigration is about to be eastwards.”

My Comment: We must restore the balance between us and become one united society, which will balance all of the earth’s parameters because the energy of civilized society is above all the other systems. It is in our power to regulate and manage the force of unity above personal egoism.

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