Weekly Russian Canadian Info: “What Do We Jews Owe The World?”

The weekly periodical Russian Canadian Info published the article: “What Do We Jews Owe the World?”

Russian Canadian Info

“It is clear to everyone that a problem exists with the Jewish people. They are unique. Even though our people are only 0.2% of the population of the world, it laid the foundations of culture, education, and religions for all humanity. The world is obligated to it for development in various areas.

“The Jews constitute 27% of the Nobel Prize laureates in physics and 31% of the Nobel Prize laureates in medicine. They received half of all the Pulitzer Prizes. 37% of the directors who have won an Oscar are Jews. Not to mention high-tech, the start-ups and the internet.

“The list of the ‘Jewish legacy’ could continue for some time, but the impression that is created is that nobody appreciates us for this. We are waiting for the world to recognize our services: ‘See how much benefit we have brought.’ Yet this benefit is not taken into account.

“Furthermore, the Jews have been persecuted throughout history. The charges are different: the death of Jesus, the economy, politics, control of the world…and it reaches the absurd: The Jews are accused of organizing the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and even a Tsunami that struck Japan in 2011.

“They ‘find’ our footprint in a wide variety of disasters, and there is no end to these fictions. Both 100 years ago and 1,000 years ago the attitude towards Jews has not changed. In the best circumstances they would tolerate them, in the worst circumstances – they would destroy them.

“This seems irrational to us – the reason changes all the time, and the hatred remains.

“This is talking about a unique people who have preserved their uniqueness until our day. This is a group of people, headed by Abraham, who left Babylon and decided to live according to the principle of mutual love and assistance. They became a people thanks only to this, and this was their entire foundation. If there were no such foundation, then the Jews wouldn’t have been a people, and they would not feel themselves belonging to each other.

“Like Abraham who once explained the need for unity to his students, much later standing before Mount Sinai (the mountain of hatred – Sinah), Moses also taught the people: ‘If you will be as one person with one heart, then you will go on the right way to the land of Israel. If you accept the method, you will become a people. Otherwise, here will be your burial place….’

“And even today the Jews must bring to the world the knowledge about redemptive unity. But in general we flee from our mission; we want to be like everyone, only so that they will treat us well.

“But again the statistics about attacks on Jews is rising, Mezuzahs are torn from the doors of houses, and swastikas are drawn on the asphalt. We are again blamed for all the major problems of the human species.

“’Anti-Semitism is the shadow of the Jewish people….I am a physicist and I know that everything casts a shadow. The shadow that my people cast is anti-Semitism.’ (Albert Einstein).

“The idea is that anti-Semitism is not a chance phenomenon and not someone’s whim. It is latent in the program of nature as a means for influencing the Jewish people, not allowing anyone to escape or disperse.

“Anti-Semitism has become an international, global phenomenon, and zealously it comes to be expressed with the consent of billions of people. It is no longer hidden, but operates absolutely out in the open.

“In the modern era, the world is watching us, and without knowing how or why, they are beginning to demand from us the law according to which we will live tomorrow. After all, our present life seems more and more unbearable, hopeless and irreparable from day to day. We don’t see the picture of tomorrow in it any more. And people unconsciously feel that the answer is with the Jews.

“The world feels that there is a secret with the Jews that they don’t want to reveal to others.

“This feeling is indestructible, and ultimately it is up to us to understand what they want from us. Truly, what is the secret that is concealed in us? After all, what is it that we keep in us, what is concealed in the Jewish people without their knowledge? This is the sublime, beautiful, alluring, brilliant goal and future of the world.”

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