With And Without Protection

laitman_232_06All the sins in our spiritual work are due to human error. We think we are already protected and have risen above our egoism, but, in fact, when we reveal a new level, we fall and cannot do anything.

Question: Why is a person allowed to make mistakes?

Answer: For example, I have young students who are about 25 to 40 years old, healthy normal men who understand that there is nothing worth anything in life except for spiritual unity. The Light comes and provides them with a protective layer, a Masach up to a certain level.

But if we place them in a restaurant with plush curtains, Gypsies and dancing, or in a soccer field with thousands of fans, we don’t know where would happen to their thoughts a moment later.

This turns out to be simple arithmetic: the moment one is given additional egoism, which has no Masach, a person falls. It is a physical law!

During the lesson people can rise to the level of absolute purity. They are protected because everything is closed. The only thing the remains is love and bestowal because we cover the friends with our common Masach. Then, we go out together to celebrate our spiritual ascent in a restaurant, and that’s it. They fall!

This is Adam’s sin. First, you rise to the level of heaven (the Garden of Eden) where everything is wonderful. And then when you want to raise everything to the divine level, you see that nothing works out. For you, the world remains in the restaurant.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/24/14

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