What Are You Living For?

laitman_238_02Midrash Raba: the MA”N can even taste like meat. Therefore in order to justify the demand for meat the hoard began to mount the MA”N with different desecrations.

Some of them complained that it was true that the taste of the MA”N can be different but it looks the same all the time. There is no joy in having MA”N for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner.

Others complained that it is very difficult to live without any reserves and that they always worried whether they would have enough MA”N the next day and if not their families might starve. So why shouldn’t they be allowed to store MA”N.

The real reason for all their complaints was that only the great righteous could live happily on the MA”N alone.

This means that it is about what you are living for: is it for a corporeal cause or for a spiritual one? One has to fine tune the question here and not postpone it until his last day. A person has to decide what he lives for now; he has to see how he ends each day as if he has nothing else in life.

The problem is that a person shouldn’t think about tomorrow’s supply, but live the moment in the good sense of the word, which means that he gives everything he has now and lets it go. Then he will surely advance correctly! In other words, if he invests, he invests all the way. Otherwise he doesn’t raise MA”N.

Question: Does this mean that he doesn’t count on the fact that when he works for spirituality now he leaves something for tomorrow?

Answer: Unfortunately not everyone has the power to do so. After all, we see how difficult this is. But gradually the Light comes in portions and does correct us.

Then there is a state in which you can tear yourself from your body without leaving it anything; tear it and make other calculations, but this is the result of the Light’s work. Every penny simply adds up to an account that brings you closer to spirituality.

Comment: Unfortunately we don’t see how all the pennies fall into the money box and bring us closer to spirituality.

Answer: We don’t need to see it since otherwise we will be like the horde. This is the reason that our work is called above reason.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/11/15

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