Rational Consumption In A Harmonious Society

Laitman_120Everything starts with education and information, even including the new economy. But economists want to keep the old method and continue the same life as before without paying attention to changes in people. But you cannot fix the economic crisis like that.

First of all, it is necessary to educate people to prepare them for the new stage of human development, life in a harmonious society in which each one rationally gets what is necessary. We need to agree to sustainable consumption and then the entire society will achieve balance.

Economic development is not in that there are 500 kinds of cheese today, and tomorrow another two hundred will be added. Our lives must be rational, and rational consumption means that we don’t need anything that is superfluous, and we want to examine ourselves, the society, our families and all of our lives from the point of view of maximum benefit.

But this does not mean that it is necessary to extract all of the nature’s resources and obligate a person to work many hours per day until old age ruining his entire life.

A person needs spare time and time for educating his or her children. Small children shouldn’t be thrown into child care from seven in the morning until seven in the evening without seeing their parents, and when the parents take them home in the evening, they no longer have the energy or time to be with them.

Question: But people don’t feel miserable. Statistical surveys show that most people are satisfied with their lives.

Answer: People haven’t learned anything else and are unfamiliar with any other life. They are confused. People live the way that they are taught, and they get nice, statistical graphs. However, this is talking about the essence of life.

The world is entering a crisis that will bring absolute disorder, and the economists cannot continue to work by the old methods. Just as a hundred years ago, people worked ten to twelve hours per day, they do so today as well, even with all the technological advancement.

So, how can the person be happy with a life like this? In the past, he just worked with machines in factories and now he works with computers, but in principle nothing has changed. He was at work all day and didn’t see the children, but at least his wife didn’t work and stayed at home with the children. But today even women are forced to work all day.

Question: For the modern person, work takes the most important place in life. If we ask a young woman who her husband is, she immediately answers and says his name and his position at work. Each one evaluates himself according to his job and salary.

Answer: This is the result of the influence of the environment on the person, from Hollywood movies, commercials, and all media. A person begins to look at life through glasses like these. We never have educated people. We only give people toys, mobile phones and computers, and we turn them into consumers to help the development of the economy. People only work and buy, work and buy, and in this way they help someone get rich.

Question: But people don’t know what rational consumption is.

Answer: So, first and foremost, we require education and information. Nothing else needs to be changed. Just educate people, and first and foremost, the economists.
From KabTV’s “The Solution” 5/24/15

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  1. Greetings

    I’m referring this comment to your answer on autistic people and their perception of multiple realities as a sign of a new human moving towards a greater connection with nature.

    The last I heard there are over 40 million autistic people just in America alone.

    I do agree with your answer . I raised a autistic child into a young adult, and then he was murdered by a vicious and mentally sick so’called spiritual guide.

    My son was very loving and compassionate and genius level smart.

    As his mother in 1970 I was blamed for his autism as if he had a sickness mentally.

    And at 5 years the principal of the school laughed at myself and son to my face as he stated “he is a real space cadet” the experience of my son having him in my life changed me profoundly deeply in spiritual nature connection way as you stated in your answer.

    I’m still learning about myself and him.

    I’m like my son,I am realizing in the way of his perception and connection to nature.

    I recently came back in contact with Maurice Cotterell books on the super science of the sun. And can see how nature is causing the changes in us.

    And at the same time I also came back in contact with how nature is being manipulated to a degree and is also affecting us along with ecological pollution and our bodies being physically polluted as well with GMO foods and pesticides.

    So where do I draw a line in what you stated about perception or autistic people perception change are a result of ecological pollution causing birth defects?

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