Imaginary And True Freedom, Part 2 – Advanced Slavery

laitman_436Comment: A person always wants to be free: people want to be liberated from slavery to acquire it; the word “freedom” is heard in all the national anthems, it is inscribed on all the flags. And suddenly you are saying that a person is not free, he lives in the prison of this world.

Answer: Once in the Middle Ages, people willingly agreed to be slaves because they knew they would be cared for; they would be given him a roof over his head, food, and if he married, he could feed his family. The landlord would take care of this, and in exchange for this he would give his labor. But as our egoism developed, we suddenly began to feel ourselves shackled in chains; suddenly we felt a vital need to remove them. And when we tore off these chains, we seemingly became free people.

But this freedom is imaginary, because in any case you must plow, gather the harvest, sell it, think about the house, the family and a thousand different things. And if you get sick, there is no landlord to take care of you any more, he will not call a doctor because you are not his property (and after all, there was a time when you were valuable property for him), now you must think about everything by yourself. However, this was progressive development because under capitalism there was the growth of labor, its productivity increased, this was beneficial for society and it went for it.

So we have come to our present day; we feel at each and every step a need for a new level of freedom. But in fact, this is not freedom.

To be continued….
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/11/15

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