Humanity’s Voluntary Prison

Dr. Michael LaitmanHumanity will not be able to survive as a species and continue its existence without destroying the egoism that exists between us. Only in this way will we treat Earth as our common home.

We have created an egoistic system of interconnections between us called “economics and finances.” It is a very precise, proper system: you for me and I for you. Everyone deserves what he earns: I am smarter than you and I earn more, so I deserve more; you are weaker, lazier, so you deserve less. “From each according to their abilities, to each according to their labor”—this is democracy. Period.

Why would we provide people according to their needs? I am against it. Everyone will declare their needs, which need to be provided for? No way. Everyone should receive according to their labor, according to their investment. Everything is great and fine….

But we discover that this is not enough. It turns out that by doing this, we disturb a certain balance between us. Today we are not even getting by. A new connection is appearing between us, which is breaking all economic calculations, all financial networks. And we do not know what to do about it.

We see that evolution continues in some new and strange way. What way is that? “The butterfly effect,” meaning everyone affects everyone else.

How do you survive in a world where you depend on everyone else and everyone depends on you? Get a machine gun, climb a tower, and spend your entire life sitting there without ever closing your eyes—and then, hopefully, you will not get shot there? But this is impossible! Hence, we must achieve some new connections between us.

We are coming to a state when our egoism is not only destroying the environment, but is also beginning to consume itself: It destroys the family unit, peace, and one’s entire life.

Man is building a prison for himself with his egoistic attitude towards the world. Work-home, home-work, and that is it; I do not exist anywhere else. In addition, I get television and hamburgers, and this is my entire existence. After work I sit in front of the TV screen, at work I sit in front of a computer screen. There are two screens in front of me and nothing else.

We will not be able to fix our lives today without reaching universal human relations. This is the problem.
From the Talk on Mutual Guarantee 9/25/2011

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  1. What is the Kabbalistic definition of Property?

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