Earning Only By Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur state won’t be corrected by us building something new on our own. All we have to do is to bring ourselves into greater similarity with the system of mutual guarantee that already exists and is now being revealed to us.

Our correction – and the only action we can make – is to unite. When we do so, we will reveal that we are part of a single upper system and everything will end up working out.

Until today economists had to construct highly sophisticated systems of connections and contracts, but from now on, none of this will be necessary anymore. Everything is already present within this new system. We must only adjust our human relationships to it – and that’s all. We don’t need anything else. All of the stock brokers can go fish.

We will suddenly discover that there is no more need for any professions besides those that provide us with the bare necessities of life. In this new system of connections between us, other professions won’t exist because the system will already be revealed as connected, perfect, coordinated, and ready-made.

These are not the same systems that we had to constantly build using our egoism, such as staging revolutionary transformations and new connections that we had to establish in the past. None of this will be necessary. By correcting the connection between us, our qualities, we include ourselves into the ideal system that already exists.

It exists today as well; we simply don’t know how to include ourselves in it and that is why we are ending up with such a crisis.

That is how humanity will reveal that there is nothing it can do! This entire animate mind of the past has to be discarded. We won’t be able to do anything with it any longer. All we need is to correct ourselves to reach mutual guarantee in order to enter the upper system that will become revealed more and more clearly – a system that is already made and perfect. We will become part of it and will continue existing this way.

Eventually, we will reveal that this system is the inner mind of creation, nature, or the Creator, which is the same thing. We will reveal the eternal and perfect life inside of this system, entering it ever more deeply. Our animate bodies will die and disappear, but we won’t feel that at all and will exist in this system merged with the Creator’s mind.

This system of connections, which we discover among us today, is the revelation of the upper, spiritual system. That is why the economic crisis is happening, which is a crisis in the system of connections between us. After all, precisely the economy connects us with one another, as it says in the Torah, “Go and earn from one another.”

This is what we have to reveal: How we can earn. And the answer is: by bestowing to one another! A completely unique period is upon us, which we are entering in our days.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/11, “The Acting Mind”

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