Laitman_408Opinion (Alexander Maistrovoy):“For the Jewish-American elites, most prominently Thomas Friedman, a leading columnist for the New York Times, there is a unique logic: Israel shouldn’t oppose a deal with Iran, so as not to provide a reason for accusations of dual loyalty of American Jews.

“As we know, an identical position was held during the second world war; the Jewish community leader Rabbi Stephen Wise didn’t want to bother President Roosevelt with complaints about the suffering of the European Jews….

“It is difficult to believe, but it is specifically people of Jewish extraction (it is difficult to call them Jews) who stand at the head of the ‘crusade’ against Israel. They are not renegades in their environment, but leading politicians and public figures, trendsetters of culture of  Jewish Americans.

“For example, the anti-Zionist Max Blumenthal claims that Israel is a place with a kind of colonial education. His comparison of the Jews to Nazis and his call for the capitulation of Israel caused shock even with the fiercest critics of Israel—Eric Alterman, who claims that Israel shuts the mouths of its critics with accusations of anti-Semitism, and the liberal leftist weekly “Forward” editor Jonathan Jeremy Goldberg.”

My Comment: At all times, beginning from the founding of the people at the foot of Mount Sinai (the giving of the Torah), all of its suffering has been caused by internal, not external, enemies. And the destruction of the internal enemies is possible only through the unity of the people.

The Creator (the only force in the world) intentionally arouses vile forces among us that make a career out of the suffering of their people so that we will be forced to unite. That is how it was in all troubles and wars, small and large.

We have no external enemies; rather, we have internal enemies in each one of us. Burning them out of everyone is possible only through attracting the Ohr Makif (the Surrounding Light, the Upper Correcting Light); it works and influences us to the degree of our yearning to be “as one person with one heart.”

When we unite and connect above all the disturbances that are sent by the Creator, we realize the freedom of choice and manage our nature. Clearly, only the wisdom of Kabbalah can teach us this.

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  1. do you know how irritating it is to be in this stuff knowing no matter what you do nothing will change in real life? it is only for some mumbo jumbo magic? for some mad stuff? besides internally it will turn into something that many people will call monster if you tell them about them? looking at war pictures, people crying and feeling nothing at all? what kind of a creep i am? do you think i would be here if i knew it? what free choice are you talking about?

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