An Autistic Child In A Regular Classroom

Laitman_088Question:  In schools that integrate autistic children, there are often conflicts between parents of the autistic children and parents of ordinary children who don’t want their kids to study in the same classroom with the autistic children. How can we explain to parents that they should accept this correctly?

Answer: The point is that it isn’t the parents’ problem but the problem of the whole education system that actually lacks the element of education. Unfortunately we don’t educate people but engage in teaching a small human machine to later grow up to be a robot, a screw in some bigger system.

When schools teach a child it doesn’t mean that they educate him to be a human being: a person who can connect to others and mutually cooperate with them, to build himself, a family, a society, a world. Schools have no ability, powers, or trained staff to do so.

This is the reason that we cannot expect parents to see things open-mindedly and to understand that the presence of an autistic child in the classroom allows the other kids to see the world and society differently, and to learn to mutually cooperate with others.

They don’t understand that all the kids in the classroom benefit from having such a child among them, since he needs the mutual cooperation of others and they have to help him. From a social perspective it is the trump card in a group of students.

But modern schools are built according to totally different principles, and therefore, anything that might be considered an interruption in the “creative” process that pushes a small creature to acquire maximum information is undesirable. Nothing is required of him but to be a good egoist, compete against everyone else and the hell with others; you have to be first.

Who can we turn to here? To the parents? The parents were brought up in exactly the same way as their children are; they live in the same world, so what is needed here is a serious profound change of the system.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/9/15

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