A Storm In The Soul

Laitman_514_04Question: On whom does success depend: is it the inner connection between us, the sufferings the world will go through, or our swift dissemination?

Answer: Ten years of sufferings in the whole nation will not bring the Upper Light as close as one day of dissemination and a few mornings of lessons, even ten years of suffering in the whole nation! Because sufferings that comes from the side of the vessel are not clarified, are not calculated; it’s similar to an animal that howls from pain and does not know what to do.
People don’t have conscious connection with the Creator. Therefore, this cannot be compared to the lesson that sometimes awakens a prayer, a request, a yearning. This is quite so regarding dissemination, that is realizing what is lacking, which lacks only the intention in order to bestow. Therefore, dissemination is the means to the most efficient correction; the sufferings direct us. But the question is, what is all this suffering for? What are you suffering from?

Comment: I suffer because I feel bad.

Answer: This means, you suffer from the emptiness in the most corporeal and regular desires: food, family, money, honor, and knowledge. This is still in the regular way of sufferings. The Creator sends you troubles and you cry. He puts more pressure, and you cry louder, if he puts less pressure, you cry less. If He tickles you, you begin to laugh. All that is a direct action of the upper conduct, where is your correct reaction here? You must think not about your feelings inside the desire, but above it where you build your Rosh ha Partzuf (head of the Partzuf).

The group needs to permeate us with the spiritual deficiency, the need to exit the desire to receive and move to bestowal. If friends would start telling you now about impending danger, about a storm or a fierce storm that will blow everything, that it is on its way and will turn everything to a desert, you would become frantic with fear and worry. You would be full of fear because of that; so why can’t they transfer to you at least a tiny part of this worry regarding spirituality? They should do it.

But they are lazy. So you need to pay them, to do everything that is needed in the group. This way each one will help the other. But if you just wait for the deficiency for spirituality to be awakened in you and for it to become a directed yearning, this will never happen. Through the group you exit from the egoistic beastly point and immediately rise to the net of forces that is already spiritual. Even though it is not corrected, is egoistic, not for Her sake (Lo Lishma), it is already a net, and that is the main thing.

We do not receive enough pressure from the group; this is the whole problem. Another gathering of friends (Yeshivat Haverim) and another one, it’s only mechanical and it will not help. Rabash did not allow us to have more than one Yeshivat Haverim a week. Everything depends on a deeper penetration inward inside the dominion of intentions.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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