5775 Years Ago

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe first festival in the coming series of the holidays of Tishrei is Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year. It symbolizes the beginning of the awakening of spirituality; it comes up on the same day in which for the first time human beings on the face of the Earth were awakened to a yearning for something higher, of higher value, for something that would give greater value than what the days of the week give.

The name of this person was Adam. And as we understand it, he wondered about the meaning of life. So the first day when such an exceptional desire appeared in Adam and the questions that accompanied it, is indicated on the Jewish calendar as the holiday Rosh HaShanah. As far as it seems, this is the only event in ancient history about which we know precisely when it took place, on the first of Tishrei (September-October) 5775 years ago.

In decisive moments of life we also, like Adam, contemplate something higher; about something that will help us practically, and will not just be reassurances again by political, religious, or any other promises.

It was really not that long ago that our people stood precisely before questions of this kind.

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